Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our game isn't out yet... not even close... But!

 There are tons of games out there at the steam autumn sale that are aching to be purchased so check it out!  Not only on steam either but plenty of other sites as well. Do yourself a favor and check them out! You will not be disappointed. My recommendation would be Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Combat is awesome in that game! (This site always has deals going on!)

Many more out there, enjoy it and game on!

Face Blaster

 Here are some snips from the new game! We like to share... Space shooting arcade game where you gotta shoot and dodge things! Pretty basic, pretty fun. LOOK!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Amper's Dungeon Crawler (Excel Mini Game)

In the mean time while waiting for jazzy new content, try out this game made by David called Amper's Dungeon Crawler. It plays on excel 97 and up! Amper's  is a dungeon crawler styled rpg where you must face the labyrinth of the evil monster Bill!

 -Navigate your way through 10 dungeons and level up collecting multiple weapons and shields to challenge Bill's maze.


 Download it here:  Amper's Dungeon Crawler

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh No, Tokyo! Team

Hello Everybody!

We are the team of Oh No, Tokyo! and we go by Sebastian, Daniel, David and Julian.  We want to show you all the process we are going through to make our brand new game. So to kick this off lets do a quick rundown on whats happening!

Oh no, Tokyo! is a casual action simulator where you assume the role of the mayor of Ohno District. As the mayor it is your elected duty to build up the city while keeping the fare citizens safe from any danger.  Using your trusty giant robot, you must save the city from constant dangers that invade. Stop these epic titans before they make  minced chowder soup from your little townsfolk! Unless you like chowder.

Expected release is Spring 2013

More on this in the upcoming weeks as we introduce character designs and features!