Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Je Suis Pierre

Je Suis Pierre The Movie: The Game is a free action/arcade game. Fight and Slide your way through an onslaught of enemies while you are constantly taunted by your foe in a Castlevania inspired indie game.

Made on Unity using playmaker and 2D Toolkit.


  • Right: Move Right
  • Left: Move left
  • Right + Down: Slide Right
  • Left + Down: Slide Left
  • X: to Attack
  • M: Mute music
  • R: Restart Level

  • Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Legend of Zelda: A Cave of Ideas

    An observation of Great Ideas

    "The Legend of Zelda" was built upon an idea Miyamoto experienced when he was a young boy and discovered a cave. This natural wonder was filled with mystery and he sought to capture this in a form of a game which we all know today and I consider these inspirations of his as the origin of Ideas. On this journey of coming up with "original" ideas for our game I have read a multitude of articles and forums of where it is best to get ideas from and let me start off by saying that even though there is no one way to get an idea, I find this to be one of the great many ways to start and one way we are applying it to ours.

    This would make a great game!

    Long story short

    Life is one of the best sources of inspiration and the only way to find ideas from life is to live. Example: To make the Mayor feel real we based him on reflections of ourselves and how we would act in his situation. This may seem pretty obvious right now but understanding the Laws of Obviousity is left for another article. 

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    Character Mayor Part 1

    Meet Mayor
    Twirl it Mr. Mayor!


    The Mayor is just a teenage boy with an awesome robot named Pierre. As the Mayor your in charge of making sure the city is in tip top shape. You  practically run everything, building all sorts of facilities required to sustain a growing population. 


    Use the Mayor to build restaurants, motels, science facilities and more to keep your fellow citizens happy and alive.

    In Game Mayor 

    The Districts: Industrial

    The Industrial District

    The second district in the city of Ohno is the Industrial district which is unlocked after the mountain district. Here in this steam punk styled environment the mayor has new monsters to face and new buildings to enter.

    The buildings located here range from the mechanics machinery, radio tower, and others that will help upgrade Pierre and offer new diverse game play.

    Here is some concept art for the district...

    Character: Pierre

    Meet Pierre

    Pierre is the giant robot that you control through out the game along with the Mayor. He is a dashing, daring robot that is controlled completely by you! Like the mayor he also dons a giant mustache and uses his skills in melee combat to vanquish his foes.


    Offense is the best defense and Pierre takes this to heart as his moves of combat all very from his fists. With a diverse number of combo's he can use different styles of speed and strength to fight off the giant monsters.


    Pierre is one stylish bot and comes with an assortment of looks which may or may not help him in combat with providing new skills and perks.


    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    The Districts: Mountain

    The Mountain District

    The City of Ohno has six districts which you unlock through time. Each district is going to be very unique and representative of the culture in the world of the Mayor.

    From the six districts the one we are showing off today is the Mountain District! Obviously named because of the big ol mountain in the background which inhabits the land.

    The mountain district is a very calm place and combines the new and the old of Ohno, Tokyo. Filled with a variety of buildings such as the record store, arcade and comedy club among others.

    Along with each district comes its own unique monster when unlocked and the monster that travels through sleeps in the mountains is no joke! More information on the beast will be shown later as it will be the first monster fought by the mayor. Until then here is a concept art image showing what's in store.

    Tuesday, January 1, 2013

    2013 Indie GOTY and more!

    Happy New Years everyone! Hope everyone is off to a great start and ready for another year of exciting new games to try out. We have tons of new updates that are in the works but working very hard on getting a right build to work so we can share it with everyone when it's ready. 2013 is going to be a great year for the release of Oh No, Tokyo! and we can't wait to play all the other new games coming soon. But, for our 2012 game of the year(.. and we strictly kept it to indie games) we went with Journey. It had just about everything you would hope a game would give you and more. Personally, it blew my mind when I first played it and it's a definite inspiration for what we are trying to achieve ourselves. Now we didn't play every game out there but we also have some other games that we truly enjoyed such as Chivalry, Hotline Miami and The Walking Dead each of which I wouldn't be surprised if any of them got GOTY in other professional reviewing sites (I am positive some did) but that's a wrap.